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Welcome to the home of author and artist, Sarah WaterRaven. With artwork, books, and blog updates, there is plenty to keep a curious mind busy.


Take a journey and explore the world of Sarah WaterRaven by clicking BOOKS or step into the author's mind and thoughts by reading her BLOG. To learn more about the author or contact her, please visit the ABOUT section.


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Book Trailer 


Detective Docherty and the Vampire's Mirror


"A growl emitted from a shadow, which had somehow appeared in front of him. Carl wanted to move, but his body would not respond. A wolf howled somewhere in the distance, long and low, but before Carl could consider how ridiculous that was, the shadow was on him.


His screams were lost in the sounds of the city that night. Some time later, two police officers would find a parked car in an alley and only a few pieces of Carl remaining . . ."



Raven's Hollow

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