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Art is a Journey

While I may be better known for my urban fantasy series, Detective Docherty, I am also an artist. 

those of you who came to visit as readers, you might recall that my novels contain sketches of some of the fantastic creatures that inhabit the Dochertyverse. Such as kelpies, sprites, and wolfmen. 

And if you read my ABOUT section (next to home in the navigation menu above) you might remember that I have been drawing and creating characters since my early childhood. 

Like many children, I started my art journey with crayons and markers, until I eventually graduated to pencils, pens, and paints. In truth, I spent more time drawing in my notebooks at school than taking notes in them.

Next to this article, you'll find a sliding gallery containing some of my earlier drawings and paintings to my most recent. Instead of writing out a long narrative, I thought it best to do a visual journey.

I hope you enjoy,




Please click the image above to enlarge and scroll through the gallery. 

Raven's Hollow

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