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Frequently Asked Question

  • How do I keep up to date on your book releases and other news?

    • I have a Facebook Group where I share book releases, memes, and discuss Docherty and The Necromancer series, in addition to sharing my current projects and process. You can request to join Here.

    • My Mailing List sends book releases, exclusive short stories, recipes, and more straight to your inbox! Sign up Here.

    • BookBub is more straightforward and notifies you of book releases ^_^ Follow me Here.

    • Goodreads sends you a monthly notice and highlights authors you follow. Follow me Here.

    • I also post book releases and other tidbits on Facebook

    • And on Instagram I post images and information on the world of Detective Docherty and notify followers of book releases. You can follow me Here



  • What are you books about?

    • Detective Docherty is a supernatural mystery series, taking place in the city of Toronto, and revolves around the lives of a paranormal Detective and his two assistants, Ares and Alexandria. The characters walk a thin line, weaving their way through the worlds of man and magick, facing ghosts, fairies, vampires, and gods . The series starts out fairly light but takes a dark turn as tension and unrest builds between man and magickal kind.

    • The Necromancer Series is a side series in the Detective Docherty universe and focuses on a young necromancer and her undead friends as they battle magick users, monsters, and demons.


  • Where can I buy your books?

    • You can select your preferred eBook seller by clicking the book you’re interested on my website Here.

    • Paperbacks are available through Amazon and may be purchased by clicking the novels on my Author Page Here.


  • Where can I buy your artwork?

    • You may purchase prints, mugs, pillow cases, and more from my RedBubble Print Shop Here.


  • Where can I learn more about you?

    • I have a little write-up on my journey to becoming a full time author and artist Here.

    • And an additional write-up I did as a guest post on another blog Here.


  • Do you have any advice or articles for writers?

    • I am working on it!  I have a couple articles up now but plan to revamp them pretty soon. You can view what I have posted now Here.

The FAQ will be updated as more Frequently Asked Questions arise ^_^ I hope this was helpful!

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