Detective Docherty

A Paranormal Mystery Series 
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Books listed left to right in series order. Click to find your store and read the description.  Detective Docherty and The Necromancer series are connected series with a different set of characters who eventually meet in the same world :) 
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Sometimes you need to take a break from the hardships of life, especially when you’re an assistant to a paranormal investigator and suffered not one, but two great losses. Maybe you stay at home, watch T.V., and eat bagels—or maybe you are locked in an inescapable prison for losing control over your bloodlust. Either way, breaks don’t last forever. Sooner or later, something or someone is going to force you back out and into the city. A city that’s struggling to maintain a social and political balance between magick and man. A city that’s fallen under a dark curse.

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My tears paint a waterfall, flowing down and into a pool of dreams. Delicate and sparkling, my spirit and wonderings. 








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Under the Cover of Night is an adult novel with graphic violence and adult scenes. All mature scenes have been labeled and put behind a filter. Please be advised. 



Though life can take dark turns and expose us to the ugliness of the world, so too can it revive us and fill our hearts with hope. Wonderings is a diverse collection of poetry stretching across twenty years of heartbreak, trauma, discovery, and inspiration. From imaginative rhymes about dragons and giant’s daughters to the very real pains of life, Wonderings speaks to a part of all of us.

Paperbacks available on Amazon. 

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